Survivors of Change


Grades 9 – 12
$6 per student
75 minutes
Capacity: 15 – 30 students

In the natural world, the rule is 'adapt or go extinct.' In this program, students learn about the process of evolution as they compete in a game of survival. Spinning the "wheel of death," learning immunity from extinction, and voting each other off the island we call Earth are just a few of the challenges that await them.

Please Note:

Minimum program fees will be charged for groups of fewer than 15 students.

Curriculum Connections

Grade 9: Science – Biological Diversity

Grade 10: Science 10 – Energy Flow in Global Systems

Grade 11: Biology 20 – Ecosystems and Population Change; Science 20 – The Changing Earth, Changes in Living Ecosystems

Grade 12: Biology 30 – Changes in Populations and Communities; Science 30 – Living Systems Respond to Their Environment


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