Lost Landscapes

Three open briefcases on a table with papers and fossils nearby.

Grades 7 - 11
$6 per student
1 hour
15 - 30 students

Students work in groups to examine a variety of evidence, including fossils collected from sites across Alberta. Together with looking at ancient temperature and CO2 levels at their site, they will discover how Alberta’s environment has changed over time, before using this information to draw evidence-inspired illustrations. The program concludes with a discussion on how learning about the past can help us prepare for the future, and how scientists can communicate these ideas using different mediums such as art, writing, and social media.

Please Note:

Minimum program fees will be charged for groups of fewer than 15 students.

Curriculum Connections

Grade 7 - Science: Interactions and Ecosystems; Planet Earth

Grade 8 - Science: Freshwater and Saltwater Systems

Grade 9 - Science: Biological Diversity

Grade 10 - Science: Energy Flow in Global Systems

Grade 11 - Science 20: The Changing Earth

Grade 11 - Biology 20: Ecosystems and Population Change

Career and Technology Systems (CTS):  Environmental Stewardship

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