Badlands Unboxed


Grades 6 – 9
$6 per student
1 hour
15 – 30 students

We can learn a lot from the badlands! We'll look at this incredible landscape from the perspective of four scientists: geologist, palaeontologist, botanist, and zoologist. Students will work in groups, looking at actual specimens, and discovering what the rocks, fossils, plants, and animals tell us about this environment, in the past and the present. Groups will record their observations and sketches in a special notebook that they can keep.

Please Note:

Minimum program fees will be charged for groups of fewer than 15 students.

Curriculum Connections

Grade 6: Science – Ecosystems; Scientific Explanations

Grade 7: Science – Interactions and Ecosystems; Planet Earth​​​​​​​

Grade 8: Science – Freshwater and Saltwater Systems​​​​​​​

Grade 9: Science – Biological Diversity