Badlands Hike (Bilingual)


Kindergarten – 12
$6 per student
1 hour
Capacity: 15 – 30 students

This guided Badlands Hike through Midland Provincial Park will help you discover the wonders of this amazing landscape. The badlands tell the story of Alberta's changing environments, from the temperate climate of the Cretaceous Period, to today's arid conditions. With expert guidance, students unlock the ancient secrets of this mysterious landscape. In case of inclement weather, we offer an alternate program or a refund.

Now available in French / Maintenant disponible en français.

Please Note:

Minimum program fees will be charged for groups of fewer than 15 students.

Curriculum Connections

Kindergarten: Science – Using Senses to Explore Properties; Examine and Describe Environments

Grade 1: Science – Environmental Change; Needs of Animals and Plants

Grade 2: Science – Earth and Landforms; Growth of Animals and Plants

Grade 3: Science – Earth and Landscape Changes; Plant and Animal Interactions

Grade 4: Science – Organism Classification and Functions

Grade 5: Science – Climate and Weather

Grade 6: Science – Climate Change; Ecosystems

Grade 7: Science – Planet Earth

Grade 8: Science – Freshwater and Saltwater Systems

Grade 9: Science – Biological Diversity

Grade 10: Science 14 – Investigating Matter and Energy in the Environment

Grade 11: Science 20 – The Changing Earth

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