School Groups

University, college, and school students with accompanying teachers and chaperones are admitted free when visiting as part of a school group from September 1 to June 30.

Student supervision is the responsibility of the teachers and chaperones; chaperones receive free admission on a ratio of 1 chaperone to 5 students. Teachers, teacher's aides, and bus drivers receive free admission.

Pre-registration is required. Contact our Bookings Office at to pre-register.

Homeschool Admission Policy

From September to June, registered homeschool students receive free admission to the Museum with proof of homeschool status. We require confirmation of registration from a school/division/association, or a homeschool status card.

One adult per group will be considered the teacher, and will be eligible for complimentary admission without having to show teacher identification.

If more than one adult in the same group can show teacher identification, then all qualifying teachers will receive free admission.

Register your homeschool group now by contacting our Bookings Office at


Before visiting the Museum, download the Worksheets and Answer Keys below so you and your students can learn while having fun exploring the galleries.

To protect our displays and to make it easier for your class to complete their worksheets, we recommend bringing along a hard surface to write on (such as a clipboard, binder, or duotang). We also ask that students use pencils instead of pens. It's easier to erase an accidental pencil mark than paint over ink!