Amenities & Accessibility

Strollers & Wheelchairs

You can rent a stroller for $3 at the Visitor Services Desk in the main lobby.

For visitors with limited mobility, we provide manually-operated wheelchairs for $3 on a first-come, first-served basis at the Visitor Services Desk.

The Museum is equipped with accessible restrooms, and both floors are accessible by elevator or wheelchair ramp. Museum exhibits are wheelchair and stroller accessible. 

Fire regulations and space restrictions do not permit exceptionally wide/large strollers in the galleries. If you bring your own stroller and it does not comply with our policy, you can exchange it, free of charge, for a Museum stroller.

Service Animals

Service dogs are permitted in the Museum provided that they wear an identifying vest and the owner carries an identification card.

Pets are not permitted in the Museum.


Explore the badlands on a special interpretive path through Midland Provincial Park.

Palaeo Play Park

Take a break outside at our Palaeo Play Park. Recommended for children ages 3 – 12. Children under 5 must be accompanied by an adult. Open only during summer. 

Fun Book

Self-guiding Fun Books are a great way to ensure that children get the most out of their visit to the Museum. Designed to test comprehension of our displays, and encourage them to draw their own conclusions, Fun Books are available for purchase online or at the Visitor Services Desk.

  • Ages 5 9 (Grades K 3)
  • Cost: $6.00/copy (including GST)