Virtual Visit


All Grades
$125 per program
45 minutes
Maximum 35 participants

Take a tour of the Royal Tyrrell Museum without leaving your classroom! During this interactive virtual visit, we'll guide you through our galleries and exhibits. Marvel at creatures from ancient seas, explore Dinosaur Hall, and discover how life carried on after the asteroid impact that marked the end of the Age of Dinosaurs. 

Please Note:

Book two programs and get a third program of lesser or equal value for $25!

Available to the general public.

Curriculum Connections

Kindergarten: Environment and Community Awareness

Grade 1:Science — Seasonal Changes, Needs of Animals and Plants

Grade 2: Science — Small Crawling and Flying Animals

Grade 3: Science — Rocks and Minerals, Animal Life Cycles

Grade 4: Social Studies — Alberta: A Sense of the Land; Health - Life Careers

Grade 5: Social Studies — Canada: The Land, Histories and Stories; Health - Life Careers

Grade 6: Science — Evidence and Investigation; Health - Life Careers

Grade 7: Science — Interactions and Ecosystems, Planet Earth

Grade 8: Science — Freshwater and Saltwater Systems

Grade 9: Science — Biological Diversity

Grade 10: Science 10 — Energy Flow in Global Systems

Grade 11: Science 20 —The Changing Earth, Changes in Living Systems; Biology 20 - Ecosystems and Population Change

Grade 12: Biology 30 — Changes in Populations and Communities

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