Speaker Series

Join the Royal Tyrrell Museum online for free weekly talks by world-renowned scientists and researchers, exploring hot topics in palaeontology and results of current research.

Held February to April, on Thursdays at 11:00 a.m.

2022 Schedule

February 3: Bence Viola, University of Toronto
Living on the Edge: Neanderthals and Their Relatives in Central Asia

February 10: Gareth Hopkins, Western Oregon University
From Salty Salamanders to Bright Bugs: An Evolutionary Perspective on Life in Stressful Environments

February 17: Elena Ghezzo, University of Oregon
From the Past to Satellites: New Ways of Mapping Fossils from Remote Locations

February 24: David Polly, Indiana University
Palaeontology and US National Monuments: Implications for Science and Public Lands

March 3: Daniel Paluh, University of Florida
Evolution of Hyperossification and Tooth Loss in Living and Fossil Frogs

March 10: Jon Noad, Calgary
The Sedimentology of Palaeontology

March 17: Catie Strong, Harvard University
New Perspectives on the Origin of Snakes as Revealed by Jaw Evolution in Squamates

March 24: Veronica Diez Diaz, Museum of Nature, Berlin, Germany
Bringing Dinosaurs to Life: Using Innovative Techniques and Methods in Vertebrate Palaeontology

March 31: Talia Lowi-Merri, University of Toronto
Evolution of Bird Flight

April 7: Elena Cuesta, Palaeontological Museum, Munich, Germany
Dinosaurs of Spain: The Real Dragons of Don Quixote

April 14: Jade Simon, University of Toronto

April 21: Henneke Meijer, University of Bergen, Norway
Late Cenozoic Bird Evolution and Island Biogeography

April 28: Aubrey Roberts, University of Oslo, Norway
Frozen Fossils: A History of Life in Svalbard

Did you miss a presentation? Speaker Series talks are available on the Royal Tyrrell Museum YouTube channel!