Speaker Series

Join the Royal Tyrrell Museum online for free talks by world-renowned scientists and researchers, exploring hot topics in palaeontology and results of current research.

Thanks to all who participated in our 2022 series. Links to recordings of this year's talks can be found below.

2022 Schedule

February 3: Bence Viola, University of Toronto
Living on the Edge: Neanderthals and Their Relatives in Central Asia

February 10: Gareth Hopkins, Western Oregon University
From Salty Salamanders to Bright Bugs: An Evolutionary Perspective on Life in Stressful Environments

February 17: Elena Ghezzo, Ca' Foscari University of Venice and the University of Oregon
From the Past to Satellites: New Ways of Mapping Fossils from Remote Locations

February 24: David Polly, Indiana University
Palaeontology and US National Monuments: Implications for Science and Public Lands

March 3: Daniel Paluh, University of Florida
Evolution of Hyperossification and Tooth Loss in Living and Fossil Frogs

March 10: Jon Noad, Calgary
The Sedimentology of Palaeontology: How to Accumulate Highly Fossiliferous Deposits

March 17: Catie Strong, Harvard University
New Insights into Old Paradigms: How Jaw Evolution Informs the Origin of Snakes

March 24: Veronica Diez Diaz, Museum of Nature, Berlin, Germany
Bringing Dinosaurs to Life: Using Innovative Techniques and Methods in Vertebrate Palaeontology

March 31: Anneke van Heteren, Zoological Museum, Munich, Germany
Cave Bears: the Unexpected Vegetarians of the Ice Age

April 7: Elena Cuesta, Palaeontological Museum, Munich, Germany
Dinosaurs of Spain: The Real Dragons of Don Quixote


April 14: Jade Simon, University of Toronto
Oviraptorosaurs Under the Microscope – The Growth and Hidden Diversity of North America’s Mysterious Bird-like Dinosaurs.


April 21: Hanneke Meijer, University of Bergen, Norway
Birds Above the Hobbits’ Heads: Tales from a Small Island Far, Far Away


April 28: Aubrey Roberts, University of Oslo, Norway
Frozen Fossils: A History of Life in Svalbard

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