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The Royal Tyrrell Museum’s annual Speaker Series brings world-renowned scientists and researchers to the Museum and offers them a platform to discuss hot topics in palaeontology or to share results of their current research with the public.

Speaker Series presentations are available online!
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Speaker Series 2016

Thursday, January 21
Donald Henderson - Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology
Over the Heads of Dinosaurs-Pterosaurs

Thursday, January 28
Joe Sanchez and Ben Borkovic - Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology
Wading Through History: Fossil Hunting along Rivers Affected by the 2013 Southern Alberta Flood

Thursday, February 4
Caleb Brown - Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology
“Hellboy” the Regaliceratops: What this New Horned Dinosaur tells us about the Evolution of Ceratopsians

Thursday, February 11
Calla Carbone - Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology
The Ediacaran Period: Glimpses of the Earth's Earliest Animals

Friday, February 12
Mary Silcox - University of Toronto Scarborough, ON
Why so big? Understanding the Early Evolution of the Brain in Primates and their Relatives Using the Fossil Record

Thursday, February 18
David Greenwood - Brandon University, Brandon, MB 
British Columbia's Eocene Lakes and Forests: New Perspectives on Temperate Islands From a Past Greenhouse World

Thursday, February 25
Richard Cifelli - University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK
Early Cretaceous Mammals from the Cloverly Formation, Montana

Thursday, March 3
Kirstin Brink - University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC
Uncovering the hidden dental diversity of the first apex predators to identify Canada’s Dimetrodon borealis

Thursday, March 10
François Therrien - Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology
The Cretaceous-Paleogene Mass Extinction: What Do We Really Know?

Thursday, March 17
Gregg Gunnell - Duke University, Durham, NC
Fossils of the Night—The History of Bats Through Time

Thursday, March 24
Jon Noad, Husky Energy, Calgary
Whoops! Fossil faux pas

Thursday, March 31
Pavel Skutchas - St. Petersburgh State University, Russia
Fossil Salamanders and Albanerpetontids from Siberia

Thursday, April 7
Christine Shellska - University of Calgary, AB
The Rhetoric of Intelligent Design

Thursday, April 14
Annie Quinney - University of Calgary, AB
The Amber Trap: Unlocking Stories of Ancient Polar Climates from Fossilized Tree Resin

Thursday, April 21
Edward Guinan - Villanova University, Philadelphia, PA 
Searching for Life-Bearing Exoplanets in our Galaxy

Thursday, April 28
Neffra Matthews - Bureau of Land Management, Denver, CO
Application of Photogrammetry and Drone Technology to Paleontological Research

Did you miss a presentation? Speaker Series presentations are available on the Royal Tyrrell Museum You Tube channel!


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