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Our Mission Statement

Badlands Science Camp aspires to foster an appreciation of the natural sciences and the environment by providing fun, interactive, and educational multi-day camps for children in the badlands of Alberta.

Badlands Science Camp Philosophy

We build our Camp around a set of values that help campers learn and grow in a safe and fun environment. These core values are:


  • Education plays a vital role in campers becoming successful in life
  • Learning by discovery and gentle teaching are the best ways to foster a supportive and positive learning environment
  • By promoting science literacy, we can encourage pursuit of science-based careers for interested participants

Personal Growth

  • Campers are afforded a safe, comfortable, non-competitive environment where they can be part of a community as they learn and grow as individuals
  • Mental, physical, and emotional wellness are nurtured through a positive Camp experience
  • Campers learn the valuable life skills of responsibility, creativity, courage, effort, and leadership


  • All facilities, programs, and staff at Badlands Science Camp are for the benefit of the child and family
  • Camp will assist in the development of independence, a sense of belonging, and cooperation
  • Campers will have the opportunity to develop meaningful and lasting friendships with like-minded individuals

Environmental Awareness

  • By living within and studying natural environments, campers are able to further develop their natural awareness and concern for the natural heritage of our Earth

Badlands Science Camp wishes to thank the Drumheller Regional Science Council and Dinosaur Country Science Camp for their contributions to science literacy by founding Science Camps in the Drumheller valley. Our goal is to continue this tradition by offering fun, interactive, and educational multi-day camps to children at the Royal Tyrrell Museum.

Thanks to Alberta Environment and Parks

The Royal Tyrrell Museum, operated by the Alberta Ministry of Culture and Tourism, would like to thank the Alberta Ministry of Environment and Parks for granting use of land in Midland Provincial Park for Badlands Science Camp. The camps will implement responsible environmental practices to protect this unique and beautiful landscape.

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