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We have restructured our Science Camp program to reflect the concept of citizen science: “The collection and analysis of data relating to the natural world by members of the general public, typically as part of a collaborative project with professional scientists.” (Oxford Dictionaries)

For years, our youth campers have enjoyed prospecting, working in active quarries, collecting and washing raw fossil matrix, sorting microfossils, preparing field jackets in the lab, and collecting valuable data for researchers.

Responding to requests from family campers to engage in real science too, we now offer a Citizen Science Family Camp.

What is a typical day at Camp like?
See the Citizen Science Family Camp Sample Schedule.

To Register

Step 1: Complete and sign the registration form and return it to the Royal Tyrrell Museum.

- Fax: 1-403-820-6245
- Email attachment (scan):

Bookings Office, Royal Tyrrell Museum
Box 7500 Drumheller, Alberta, Canada T0J 0Y0

Bookings Office, Royal Tyrrell Museum
Highway 838, Midland Provincial Park
Drumheller, Alberta, Canada T0J 0Y0

Step 2: Full payment is required to complete your registration.

By credit card: Once we have received your signed registration form, you will be sent a secure email link requesting payment within 24 hours.

By cheque: Include a cheque for the full amount with a printed copy of your completed, signed registration form. Make cheques payable to the “Government of Alberta”.

NOTE: Applicants will not be allowed to attend Badlands Science Camp unless a completed, signed registration form and full payment have been received.

For more information please refer to the FAQ page.

Contact Us:

Toll free in Alberta
310-0000 then (403) 823-7707
Toll free in North America
(outside Alberta)
Outside North America


Citizen Science Family Camp 1: TBA

Citizen Science Family Camp 2:  TBA

Check-in is at 6:00 p.m. Wednesday.
Check-out is 10:00 a.m. Saturday.


Ages 7+


Youth / Child (7-15) $240.00 per child plus G.S.T.

Adults (16+) $270.00 per adult plus G.S.T.

Additional information and FAQ

Registrations for 2018 Camps are complete.

2019 Science Camp notification

Citizen Science Family Camp is an opportunity for adults to participate in similar activities to those enjoyed by  youth campers—screen washing, fossil preparation, microfossil sorting, and fossil casting—and to share the experience as a family. It will no longer be a kids’ camp with parents present. Instead, it will be an opportunity for parents and their children to work together on significant science projects.

Due to the sensitive nature of the materials and the instruments involved, this requires that we increase the minimum age of participants in Citizen Science Family Camp from five years to seven years. Doing so ensures all participants will have the greatest experience possible and will also minimize the “error rate” in any fossil identification or data collection projects done by our guests. This is important if the work done is to contribute to the ongoing research of our curators.

Citizen Science Family Camp is the opportunity of a lifetime to engage in real palaeontology and contribute to the growing body of knowledge in this field of research.

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