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A two-day field trip unlike any other! Students participate in a guided hike, fossil casting, and other hands-on workshops. They will also get to tour the galleries and go swimming. Best of all, your group will sleep alongside the fascinating creatures in Dinosaur Hall.


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Toll free in North America (outside Alberta)

Toll free in Alberta
310-0000 then (403) 823-7707

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What to expect:
Program runs on requested weekdays beginning at 12:45 p.m. Students participate in five curriculum-set programs, swim at the Drumheller Aquaplex, and bunk down in our world-renowned Dinosaur Hall! Price includes all activities and materials, two snacks, supper and breakfast, and admission to the Museum.

Who can participate?
The program for school groups between grades 3 and 12. Adult chaperones (age 18+) are required to attend at a ratio of one to every eight students. Adults not included in the chaperone count and siblings of students, or other children not registered in the class, are not permitted to attend or participate in any portion of the Edutour program (there are no exceptions).

(includes GST)

Single Edutour Group Fee includes:
Up to 32 students with chaperones (36 total participants)
Fall/Winter $1,700 (October 1 - February 28)
Spring $1,850 (March 1 - June 23)

Double Edutour Fee includes:
Up to 64 students with chaperones (37-72 total participants)
Fall/Winter $3,100 (October 1 - February 28)
Spring $3,400 (March 1 - June 23)

Additional Chaperone Fee
$60 per additional chaperones over group limits (up to 42 total maximum participants for a Single Edutour, 84 total maximum participants for a Double Edutour). 

CLICK HERE to view program availability and submit an online reservation request.


Current programs set for the Edutour:

All Grades: 
Seven Wonders of the Badlands Guided Hike (trail conditions permitting) 
Fossil Casting  
Alberta Unearthed: The Game

Grades 3-6 
Ancient Alberta Rocks  
Raptors in Action

Grades 7-9
Cretaceous Crime Scene
Dino Mechanics

Grades 10-12 
Cretaceous Crime Scene 
Survivors of Change 

Please note school programs assigned for the Edutour are set and cannot be changed to other programs. For schools spanning the grade groupings, the Edutour Coordinator will determine the appropriate program schedule for you.

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