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Art and science come together as students cast and paint a complete skeleton of a small carnivorous dinosaur. Discover how the Museum creates replicas of fossils, and how those bones are arranged in the vertebrate body plan. Students create and paint their own cast, and as a group, assemble the bones into a full skeleton that can be taken back to their school where it can be mounted for display!

Booking Information

Toll free in North America (outside Alberta)

Toll free in Alberta
310-0000 then (403) 823-7707

Outside North America


When booking your program please ensure you have the following information:

  • School name and address (including street, town or city, province, and postal code)
  • School phone and fax numbers
  • Student information (grade(s), number of students, teachers, and chaperones attending)


5 -12

Class Size

20 - 30 students




2 hours

Curriculum Connections

Grades 5 & 6 Art Forms and Proportions; Qualities and Details; Media and Techniques
  Science Cooperative Planning of Procedures, Material Selection and Use
Grade 7 Art Compositions, Techniques and Media; 2D and 3D
  Science Structures and Forces (skeletons), Planet Earth (fossil record)
Grade 8 Art Compositions, Space, Proportion and Relationships in 2D and 3D
  Science Cells and Systems
Grade 9 Art Elements and Principles in Compositions
Grade 10 Art Experiment with Various Representational Formats
Grade 9, 10 & 11 Art Compositions in 2D and 3D
Grade 11 Science 20 The Changing Earth
Grade 12 Art Natural and Human-made Forms
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