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The Royal Tyrrell Museum currently offers a summer public program called Jr. Dinosaur Explorers for ages 7 – 12. This 2 ½ hour program has two components: a simulated dinosaur dig and a “dinosaur death detective” adventure game in the badlands.

We are considering creating a family program (ages 6 +) that would include a simulated dinosaur dig and a fossil identification activity. This 1 ½ hour program would also take place in the badlands surrounding the Museum.

Please take a couple of moments to answer the following questions and recieve a 2/1 Adult Pass to the Museum.  



Public Program Survey Questions:

Please submit your answers to the following questions via e-mail to this address: Public Program Survey Answers

If you were presented with these two program options (left column), which one would you choose?

Would you rather register your child(ren) in a children’s only program, or would you prefer that we replace it with a family program (ages 6 +) that you could participate in together?

If neither option is attractive, how would you suggest we modify the current program?

Thank you for participating in our Public Program Survey! To show our appreciation we will be sending a 2/1 Adult Pass to all those who complete this survey.  


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  • Jr. Dig Experience
    Jr. Dig Experience

    Make your own fossil replica, excavate in a realistic quarry, and participate in a badlands adventure.

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    Located 6 km from Drumheller, the Museum is nestled in the heart of the Canadian Badlands where fossil hunters have prospected for over a century.

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