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This high school science course integrates many disciplines—biology, geology, physics, and chemistry. Through an exploration of the history of life on Earth, students discover the fundamentals of the scientific process while gaining a greater understanding of the past.

A unique feature of the course is seven different learning workshops provided by the Royal Tyrrell Museum. All workshops are available through videoconferencing, however, we encourage schools to take advantage of at least one site visit in order to access the incredible resources found in the surrounding badlands, Museum galleries, and labs.

We also offer a two-day professional development workshop at the Museum in late August to help new teachers prepare for course delivery of Palaeontology 15. For details please inquire when registering.

This course is available as a five or three credit course as approved by Alberta Education.


Booking Information

This is a locally developed course created by, and the property of, the Golden Hills School Division. To apply for permission to offer Palaeontology 15 please contact:

Tim Popel
Math/Science Teacher
Golden Hills Learning Academy

Phone: 403-934-5179

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Instructional Delivery Options for Alberta Schools

Option 1

The provision of Palaeontology 15 course by Golden Hills School Division (GHSD) through videoconferencing. GHSD teachers provide all instructional services.


Option 2

 The provision of the Palaeontology 15 course online using the Blackboard Learning Management System through the Golden Hills Learning Academy.


Option 3

Palaeontology 15 can be selected as an acquired course by any high school in Alberta.



Curriculum Connections

Science 10

Matter & Chemical Change

Science 10

Energy Flow in Global Systems

Biology 20

Cycling of Matter & Energy

Biology 20

Natural Selection & Evolution


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