Distance LearningUp Close and Palaeo Jr.

Our Q&A program! A Science Educator will first introduce your students to the science of palaeontology. The remainder of the program is driven by your class! Formulate questions directly related to your curriculum, or watch as your students are inspired by each other’s curiosity. Animations, images, video clips, and real fossils will complement our responses.


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Kindergarten - Grade 9

Available to the general public

Group Size

Maximum 35 participants




45 minutes

Teacher Resource Guides

Download a PDF copy of the Teacher Resource Guides for this program now: Up Close & Palaeo Jr.
Division 1
Division 2
Division 3
Division 4

Curriculum Connections

Kindergarten   Environment and Community Awareness
Grade 1 Science Seasonal Changes; Needs of Animals and Plants
Grade 2 Science Small Crawling and Flying Animals
Grade 3 Science  Rocks and Minerals; Animal Life Cycles
Grade 4 Social Studies Alberta: A Sense of the Land
  Health Life Careers
Grade 5 Social Studies Canada: The Land, Histories and Stories
  Health Life Careers
Grade 6 Science Evidence and Investigation
  Health Life Careers
Grade 7 Science Interactions and Ecosystems; Planet Earth
Grade 8 Science Freshwater and Saltwater Systems
Grade 9 Science Biological Diversity

U.S National Education Standards

Many of our Distance Learning programs meet the United States National Education Standards for schools in the American education system. Programs with specific curriculum connections are available for students K-12.

Download the U.S. National Education Standards PDF here.

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