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Ask an expert! This unique program, hosted by a Science Educator, offers students the opportunity to interact with one of our world-renowned palaeontologists. Students are encouraged to ask curriculum-based questions, engage in discussions with our scientists, and find out the latest in palaeontology directly from those actually conducting the research!


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Grades 9 - 12

Available to the general public

Group Size

Maximum 35 participants




45 minutes

Curriculum Connections

Grade 9 Science Biological Diversity
Grade 9 Health Life Roles and Career Development
Grade 10 Science 10 Energy Flow in Global Systems
Grade 11 Science 20 The Changing Earth; Changes in Living Systems
  Biology 20 The Biosphere
Grade 12 Biology 30 Changes in Populations and Communities
Grade 10-12 C.A.L.M. Career and Life Choices

U.S. National Education Standards

Many of our Distance Learning programs meet the United States National Education Standards for schools in the American education system. Programs with specific curriculum connections are available for students K-12.

Download the U.S. National Education Standards PDF here.

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