Credited Courses

The Royal Tyrrell Museum, in partnership with Golden Hills School Division, offers Canada's first high school palaeontology accredited courses. Featuring hands-on learning activities, innovative videoconferencing sessions, and classroom learning, these unique offerings are extremely popular with both teachers and students.



  • Palaeo 15

    Palaeontology 15

    This introductory science course for high school students incorporates elements of biology, geology, physics, and chemistry.

  • Palae 25

    Palaeontology 25

    Building on Palaeontology 15, this course focuses on biogeography and teaches students how geology and palaeontology are interrelated.


  • Distance Learning
    Distance Learning

    Teachers and students take a virtual trip to the Museum through award-winning videoconferencing programs.

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  • Edutours

    A two day field trip that brings science to life!

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  • Directions
    Royal Tyrell Museum

    Located 6 km from Drumheller, the Museum is nestled in the heart of the Canadian Badlands where fossil hunters have prospected for over a century.

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