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The Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology is Canada's only museum dedicated exclusively to the science of palaeontology, and has one of Canada's leading research programs in the field. In addition to housing one of the world's largest collections and displays of fossils, including dinosaurs, the Museum offers a wide variety of creative educational programs that bring the prehistoric past to life.The mandate of the Museum is to be an internationally recognized public and scientific museum dedicated to the collection, preservation, presentation, and interpretation of palaeontological history, with special reference to Alberta's rich fossil heritage.

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Curator of Dinosaur Systematics and Evolution  Job ID 1052734

Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology, Drumheller, AB Ministry of Culture & Tourism, Drumheller


Reporting to the Director, Preservation and Research at Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology, the Curator of Dinosaur Systematics and Evolution will undertake independent and collaborative scientific research on dinosaur systematics and evolution that leads to an increase in the knowledge of the palaeontological record of Alberta and the significance of Alberta's fossil record within a global context. A critical function of the position is to support the Division's Resource Management Programs to ensure the preservation of the palaeontological record of Alberta and contribute to documentation and preservation through field-based research projects that add to the divisional collections. The position also contributes to the exhibit, educational, and communications programs at the Museum by providing results of most recent research in the area of expertise.

The Curator of Dinosaur Systematics and Evolution will focus on the phylogenetics of ancient animals. This position will explore how, and in what context, dinosaurs evolved over millions of years in Alberta's changing landscapes, and how Alberta's dinosaurs contribute to a better understanding of the global dinosaur family tree. The research to be undertaken by the Curator of Dinosaur Systematics and Evolution will complement the research conducted by other members of the research team at the Museum and will collaborate with other researchers with common research interests. Merging the research of the Museum's programs a more comprehensive understanding of life on Earth during the Cretaceous Period will be realized.

Key responsibilities and activities:

  • Increase the knowledge of the systematics and evolution of Alberta's dinosaurs, and palaeontological significance of Alberta's fossil record within a global context
  • Support the Resource Management Program, mainly through reviewing proposals for industrial developments that may harm palaeontological resources.
  • Document and preserve the palaeontological record of Alberta
  • Communicate knowledge to inform and educate Albertans
  • Administrate financial and human resources in the program to ensure delivery of quality programming and to meet obligations

The Dinosaur Systematics and Evolution Research Program contributes to the documentation, interpretation, and preservation of the palaeontological record of Alberta.The results of research are incorporated into public presentations, exhibitions, and school curricula. The program has a high public profile because of widespread interest in palaeontology and has a legislated mandate to ensure the preservation of historical resources that document Alberta's palaeontological record.


The position requires a Ph.D. in palaeontology and a minimum of three years relevant experience in the area of dinosaur systematics and evolution with an emphasis on field and specimen-based analysis and a substantive publication record. Familiarity with the Historical Resources Act and its Regulations is very important to understand the roles and responsibilities related to stewardship and protection of Alberta's palaeontological heritage. Experience working in a museum setting is required. Extensive field work and specimen based research is considered an asset.

$2,775.64 to $3,638.48 bi-weekly (~$72, 444 to $94, 964 annually)

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